Prisca, Adetta, Thomas, Teddy, and Danson (left to right) in 2024.

  1. Organizers
    1. Elisabeth ‘Adetta’ Heynold
    2. Thomas Hainmueller
    3. Danson Kirao
    4. Prisca Kirao
  2. Kindergarten
    1. Madame Gladys
    2. Madame Patience
    3. Madame Priscilla
    4. Madama Mary


Our Team of founders, builders, and fundraisers.

Elisabeth ‘Adetta’ Heynold


Adetta is one of the founding members of ElMaMa. She is our point person and leader, she funded and oversaw the original building phase and continued to support the project through the Covid pandemic in 2020. Outside of ElMaMa she is a resident neurosurgeon and researcher in neuroscience in New York, USA.

Thomas Hainmueller


Thomas joined the project along the way. He has been supporting Adetta in management and funding acquisition and is our webmaster for this site. When he’s not blogging for ElMaMa, he is a resident psychiatrist and neuroscientist in New York, USA.

Danson Kirao


Danson is a founder and the heart and sould of ElMaMa. It was on his initiative and on land that he inherited for this purpose that the initial ElMaMa buildings were erected. He has been tirelessly coordinating help in Watamu and the other communities we support. As a retired teacher and pastor, Danson has deep insights into the struggles and needs of the local communities.

Prisca Kirao


Prisca is another integral part of our success. As a village elder, she is deeply rooted in the local community and can steer help to where its needed most.


Our dedicated teachers and support staff.

Madame Gladys


As our head teacher, Madame Gladys takes excellent care of our pre-schoolers and 1st graders.

Madame Patience


Madame Patience is a teacher by heart and soul and helps our children grow.

Madame Priscilla


Madame Priscilla is a dedicated teacher and educator for our kindergarteners and pre-schoolers.

Madama Mary


Madame Mary is our dedicated chef and diligently prepares breakfast and lunch for our children making sure nobody has to go home hungry.